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Bethesda Prep is a preschool designed to provide developmentally appropriate learning for children with quality preschool programming. We believe that children learn best about the world through direct exploration and hands-on discovery. We provide exceptional early learning services in a safe, nurturing, and Christian environment. We are welcoming of children of all abilities and all faiths. We build and maintain strong relationships with our families, staff, and communities. 


Nurturing and respecting the uniqueness of each child is key. Our teachers are trained to observe each child and allow that information to guide their lesson plan selections and daily hands-on activities. Bethesda Prep offers a balance of child initiated and teacher directed activities that reflect interests, primary language, and the diversity of the children. We value our confident, capable, little learners!


Relationships are key to the success of Bethesda Prep. We have an “open door’ policy for our families and teachers. There are many opportunities for parental and staff involvementat our preschool. We also seek chances to partner with Concord-St. Andrews Church and our communities.

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