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Programs & Classrooms

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Overview of Programs by Age Level

Children are enrolled in classrooms based on their age and developmental stage. Bethesda Prep operates year round, summer camp sessions complement the school year programming.

Curriculum Focus (Young Preschoolers through Kindergarten Transition)

The curriculum is based on The Creative Curriculum published by Teaching Strategies (this curriculum is approved by the State of Maryland Education Department). The biblical curriculum is founded on Christian values. Staff will share the good news of Jesus through a Bible story per week, Christian songs, and most importantly through their actions.


Parrots Young Preschool Program (2 year olds)

1:6 Ratio

The program for young preschool works to bridge the gap between the dependency of the infant/toddler and the independence of the preschooler. Our teachers carefully guide and support the transition that occurs during the infant/toddler stage to preschooler. Environments are carefully designed with safety and learning in mind. Focusing on enriching language and promoting self-sufficiency to prepare the two year old for continued success in learning. 

Koalas and Giraffes: Preschool Program (3 year olds to 4 year olds)

1:10 Ratio

The preschool program promotes school readiness as the primary goal for children’s development and learning. The schedule is planned to help facilitate cognitive growth through a balance of child initiated play and teacher directed experiences. Creativity is supported through open-ended exploration of project material. The emotional development of children is supported by confidence, trust, and independence though a multitude of daily experiences. 

Pandas Pre Kindergarten ( 4 year olds to 5 year olds)

1:10 Ratio

The Pre-Kindergarten program also promotes school readiness as the primary goal for children’s development and learning. Social-emotional development is encouraged through cooperative learning activities and problem solving experiences. Our program focuses on literacy and math skills through hands-on experiences at increasingly complex levels. Children are encouraged to recognize letters, apply comprehension skills, and use phonics to begin early word recognition. The skills of analyzing, predicting, and classifying aid in scientific discovery.

Tigers and Lions: Kindergarten Transition ( 5 year olds to 6 year olds)

1:12 Ratio 

Kindergarten Transition is a program designed for children who have a birthday that misses the state requirement or who are taking a little extra time before entering Kindergarten. The children in this program will be working to achieve goals as outlined in the Montgomery County Kindergarten curriculum. We will still maintain and incorporate direct exploration and hands-on discovery.

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